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The company is developing industrial projects in an integrated manner, starting with the provision of appropriate investment opportunities to the need of the market, through the preparation of economic and technical feasibility studies, selection of appropriate technology, and the sources of M&E. Featuring supervise the projects and implement safe, efficient and exemplary manner, the company also offers unique investment opportunities on the basis of industrial integration to provide security for the investor, through the availability of raw materials for the project, find a market of the product in its final form.

Reason for naming (Alokab):

  1. Alokab is considered to be an honor and a place in the imagination of the Arabs, because it is a strong bird that only eats its catch.
  2. He has a piercing and sharp view. mention by parables.
  3. symbolizes strength and courage, as his name was used as a symbol of courage and strength, as well as used in the slogans of many countries.
  4. Flag of our prophet Muhammad “peace be upon him”.

This is a breakdown of the company’s services:

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