Here’s How the Manufacturing Industry Is Going Green



The manufacturing industry has always been in the spotlight whenever talks of being eco-friendly come up. Some still blame this industry to be the major source of harmful chemicals flushed down seas and rivers, destroying marine life.

Over the past years, however, manufacturing companies have tried their best and succeeded in going green, proving to everyone that they can do it. Polyurethane manufacturers, such as Zebron, are using bio-based products as their way to help protect the environment from harmful industrial chemicals.

This industry is also the leader in producing green jobs that help restore and preserve the environment. Here’s how the manufacturing industry is now part of the environment-friendly sector.

1. They’ve updated their facilities

From installing solar panels to switching over to green smoke emission facilities, the big smokestacks that release black smoke are now pictures from a dark past. Manufacturers understand the investment needed in sustainable energy that’ll also save them costs in the long run.

2. They efficiently use the 3 R’s of the green movement

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” wasn’t always practiced in the manufacturing industry before. But today, they lead the other industries in waste segregation and the efficient use of their raw materials. They’ve also implemented processes to avoid overstock. Overstock, especially perishable goods, lead to waste.

3. The Birth of Lean Production

Lean production is a manufacturing practice that aims to get rid of all types of waste to increase value and lower costs. It uses the word lean, meaning to use only what is needed — a perfect way to describe a green process.

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More and more industries are now recognizing the need to go green not only to lower costs but also to save the environment as well. And since the manufacturing industry is stepping up, many others are sure to follow. The chances of saving the earth have now significantly increased.

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